February 21, 2020

Arthur Engineering, LLC has been officially verified as a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE) in Washington DC.  The company has been added to the verified veteran business database at www.VetBiz.gov and is now eligible to participate in the “Veterans First Contracting Program” with VA.

The goal of the CVE is to establish a strong veterans’ movement by branding the company’s status as a verified veteran-owned small business, helping to better position the company for set-aside projects and non-competitive contracting opportunities under Public Law 109-461 that provides the Department of Veterans Affairs with unique buying authority.

The benefits of the Veterans First Contracting Program are as follows;

· Redefines priorities for contracting preferences within VA, placing SDVOSB’s and VOSB’s first and second respectively, in satisfying VA’s acquisition requirements.

· Allows sole source contracts over the Simplified Acquisition Threshold up to $5M (including options).

· Implements restricted competition via Set-Aside Procedures for each category of SDVOSB’s and VOSB’s.

· Allows additional credit evaluation factors for SDVOSB’s and VOSB’s status.

Authorizes large VA prime contractors to obtain subcontracting credit for SDVOSB’s and VOSB’s only when they contract with verified firms in VIP